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In June, 2010 a coworker asked me if I’d join him at an event he was attempting…a Tough Mudder.  “Sounds like fun…”, I thought naively (BEFORE researching and watching the videos on YouTube).  That October, on the TM course at Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County, VA I found my calling.  I would spend my life testing myself, pushing my limits and promoting health and wellness.  Dozens of events later I've become a Road Running Club

of America Certified Coach, I manage a Run Specialty shop and work for two Triathlon production companies. I’ve become a a Track and Cross Country coach and an active member of the running community here in Richmond, VA.  Everyone has their own journey, and I love helping others along their way.  

Working in the Endurance Racing and Run Specialty businesses the past seven years and now, as a private and team run coach, I have witnessed first-hand the magic of running.  Running alleviates physical and emotional ailments, provides a social network and can literally save lives. 


Every athlete responds to different coaching and motivation methods.  I have athletes who love me to be loud and jumping up and down and getting in their face.  I have athletes who need me to play psychologist and hold their hands. That’s why my coaching philosophy has always been tailored to each athlete as an individual.

The first things I talk about with my runners are goals and purpose.  Why are they here and what do they hope to achieve?  How hard are they willing to work to get where they want to go?  What are they willing to give up to get there? 

A little “pre-race” coaching ritual I have is to pull each athlete out of their warm up drills and remind them of the task at hand.  To concentrate.  To focus.  To remember their goals and what’s possible.  One last shot of self-confidence before the event never hurts.  In the past two years I’ve had four athletes come out of nowhere to place in the top 5 at a season-ending Invitational.  They never saw it coming, but I did.

I train all my athletes as individuals. I talk to them.  I talk to their friends and people they’ve raced or trained with. I talk to their parents.  Mostly I observe them during the early parts of our time together. 

I search for their buttons…and I push.


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