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Updated: Dec 5, 2017

If you think you can''re probably right

I have a phone in front of me on which I can play games, listen to music, surf the internet, set an alarm, a stopwatch, a timer, keep a to-do list, text my friends, take pictures, read newspapers and magazines, watch movies and television shows, keep track of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a hundred other things…oh yeah, it makes phone calls too. This unassuming hunk of plastic and glass is capable of so much more than it would seem. My phone is infinitely more than the sum of its parts.

Guess what? So are you.

Runners come to me all the time telling me things like they “can’t” run anymore. That they’re too old, have an old injury, flat feet, no time, too much to do, kids. I tell them. in the nicest way I can, that that’s crap. I give them a new mantra…YES. YOU. CAN…IF you want to. That’s it, really. You just have to want to.

I coach runners of all shapes and sizes, all with different goals and levels of ability. I teach them to tap into what’s possible for them. We’re not all going to be 2:30 marathoners but if you set a goal you CAN achieve it. Training the body is easy, the hard part is training the mind. Training the mind to think positively, to embrace the difficulty and see the journey as progress. Training the mind to get you out of bed in the morning for that run or workout or to get out before dinner to get in a few miles.

I don’t particularly enjoy running early in the morning, at least that’s what my mind tells me. However, once I’m out of bed, dressed and on the road or trail, I remember that I love running. Period. Being outside watching the sun rise and the world come to life is magic. People are walking their dogs or getting their kids to the bus stop. Heck, if it motivates you, think about those poor souls getting in their cars for that long commute to a job they may not like. You’re not doing that. This hour belongs to you. This hour is your time. Embrace it.

So what’s the point of all this? That you’re a hunk of plastic and glass sitting on a table in a coffee shop? Of course not. You are what you are capable of. You CAN run that 5k, 10K or first Half Marathon.

If you’re not sure, you’re wrong.

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